Thursday, June 24, 2010


Remember this list?

I spent the previous two days at writing camp with my writing group.  Two whole days dedicated to writing.  Yesterday I had a different meeting in the morning, but then I headed straight to  my writing camp's day two, and thought I was going to have trouble, but amazingly got right to it!  I seriously surprised myself by what I accomplished in the last 48 hours! 

The List now looks like this:

DONE~ continue to edit Joe out/Mike into Thanksgiving and Observatory scenes

DONE~write observatory scene using A. H.’s notes

Fixed~pay attention to name changes for T. B. and T. N.

working on ~characterize supporting characters more through action and physical description

working on~make ‘thought bubbles’ action scenes or move them to more fitting scene

working on~ edit down cooking relevance

mostly finished, maybe a bit more at the end~more on comets

I also edited it a bit more in making sentences and paragraphs more succinct in the first 50 or so pages. 

I need to edit the observatory scene now, but at least it's on paper - er, computer screen.  I think my next stage is to print and edit again by hand.  I read very differently on paper than on screen, and can see needed changes so much better.

I obviously need to be in a different environment than my office with my home distractions to be able to concentrate on my manuscript edits. 

The other five women I sat in quiet with for the past two days expressed the same thing.  Here's the funny part:  I thought it was because of my kids, etc, but only half of us have children at home, and of varying ages.  I am the only one with a toddler or a special needs child, of course, I have one of each.  Two are grandmothers who live with their retired spouses, who are both very good at busying themselves.  And one is home while her husband still goes to the office. 

We're all at a stage of editing a large work we're committed to. All of our projects are middle reader or young adult novels.   Yesterday we planned that the rest of our usual twice a month meetings for the summer will be devoted to writing, no critique.

This way, when autumn comes around, we will all have work to critique.  How's that for commitment?  I couldn't do this without them. I am so grateful to my writing group and to the time we commit to working together.


  1. Way to go, Cath! You're amazing!! (I had a fairly unproductive morning at the coffee shop, but you've energized me!)

  2. glad to hear it's contagious! thanks, kate.


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