Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jeez, this writing thing is fun again!

So, Yes, I've been agonizing over my manuscript.  and No, I do not have the continuous uninterrupted time and circumstance I need to do my big edits on my big manuscript because I am the mother of three children who ascend their ranks of demanding every single day of my life.  And Yes, it is the hard kind of editing where I need to envision the whole scope of the darn thing so I can move around parts and write out characters and write in others into scenes. And I've been working on this book off and on since 2004.  Possibly even 2003.

But Yes, I continue to write, and I've had two days within the past two weeks when I have made  significant headway into my newest project that I started because It wouldn't let me not start it and I am really having fun, because I am writing and because that writing is coming really naturally.

This is what gives me joy.  My kids aren't really interrupting me too badly today, so its working out really well. 

Life is good, let your hair down.


  1. thank you, jen! i sure hope so, and think it will!

  2. this process fascinates me - i don't know that i'd have the tenacity or durability to stick with "raising a manuscript" (it seems to have many parallels to rearing a child!) i hope we'll get to read part - or better yet, all - of your book someday!

  3. i didn't think i had the persistence, either! i'm better at 1 page poems and 5 page short stories.

    as for reading it, eventually, that's the plan! ;)


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