Monday, June 28, 2010


I have books.  A lot of books.  I've whittled down to two tall bookshelves and even those are still overflowing in the office as well as another shorter one overflowing in my bedroom.  There are more books I want to own besides the ones I already do.

This weekend we cleaned out our garage which acts as an attic as well as a basement because we live on a slab foundation.  We also rearranged my area of the office, including emptying and moving those two eight foot bookcases.  I got a new (used) desk - with drawers.  so a lot of little junk that was piled in front of the books on the bookcases is now in drawers, mostly office supply and baby barrette kind of stuff.  Stuff to have at the ready when needed.  It's nice to have an actual desk as opposed to the table version without drawers I was using.  We sent that one up to Captain Comic's room, as well as a file cabinet, because he was making his comics on the floor for the past few years. That stuff was all over his room.

Anyway, it became apparent just how much stuff we have, and we still have plenty more in storage several states away....

Personally, except for the books, I would be happy to get rid of a lot of stuff, but there's sentimental attachment, logistical stuff, the sheer number of people in our home and all of their stuff...and the dog and cat, and their stuff, and stuff to keep all the stuff in...

I mean, it's not like we're hoarders, but it's a lot of stuff. It's a serious workout for everyone to move all that stuff around.  Particularly the books and shelves.  I think Honey is happy to go back to work today, so he can rest.

In the midst of all the stuff, Honey and I made a dump run, the back of his Element was stuffed with, you got it.  Even the back seats were pulled out to make room for all the stuff we were getting rid of. Poor Honey dropped the old kitchen counter piece on his toe and busted open his nail. 

So our big exciting date for the weekend was the two of us going to the dump.  Then we made a stop at the Hawaiian style snow cone place. We sat on a bench in the shade on the 100 degree heat and thoroughly enjoyed the cool refreshment and moment of quiet together. 

That moment was in the middle of the weekend of stuff. So we're exhausted come Monday morning, but it's a good, satisfying kind of exhausted for a change.

How was your weekend?  Productive like ours or nice and relaxing?


  1. I know what you mean about all the stuff. I feel like I should have a yard sale rather than continue to go to them (and buy more stuff). I broke my toe this weekend too! Not fun. But the Hawaiian Ice sounds heavenly!

  2. sorry about your toe! ouch!

    the snow cone was rather fabulous. thanks!


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