Monday, June 7, 2010

10 days later...

Here I am fashionably sitting at my desk:


I honestly have no idea how I originally injured this ankle, all I know is I woke up one morning and it hurt to get out of bed.  And I tried to go about my day per usual, saying to myself, "What on Earth could I have done to my ankle?"  For three days.  And then we went to the beach where I suddenly fell into a tidal pool on it, and, as I mentioned before, 'crunch' and lots of beach walking - and I also dragged Toots around the neighborhood pool the same weekend, which was fun and deceptively further injurious, which I noted after leaving the pool.

I put it up and alternately went about my usual business while it worsened, until this Sunday, when I was determined to drive Captain Comic to a bowling party in Williamsburg, a full thirty minutes up the road.  It's my driving ankle.  I was in massive denial, because it already hurt like a chihuaua was inside and chewing his way out. Then it twanged on my way to the door.  It was an unusual twang, from which I didn't recover, so Honey 'volunteered' to drive us to the party.  I had to swear I would see a doctor today, and I did. And a radiologist, and both tried desperately to persuade me recommended I find an air cast even before diagnosis. So more driving, more hobbling see the result.

And you know what?

I can feel a difference already. 

Word to the wise (obviously that  does not describe me): Go to the doctor when you experience unusual pain.

Sidenote:  Mr. Cynic changed his first diaper on Toots while the rest of us were bowling in Williamsburg, so I feel as though I finally have trained - for realz - the resident teen babysitter, and therefore have some more freedom!

*please ignore the unmoisturized leg and foot.  at least i shaved!


  1. ouch! sorry to hear you are a bit layed up! hang in there.

  2. thnaks, jen, i'm not doing a very good job listening to my ankle (she says having just come back in from some serious gardening)


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