Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fabulous news and a wondrous speech

For those who don't know, I love the work of Neil Gaiman (I have been fortunate enough to meet him on a few occasions), and his most recent children's book has just won the Carnegie Medal, the British equivalent of our Newbery Award, which it has also won.

The Graveyard Book really does deserve all the praise and awards it has received.  It is a simply told tale of a boy trying to understand the world around him and the wonder that is life.

Here is his acceptance speech in which he praises libraries and librarians, and their influence on 'a bookish boy' who read by the way the librarians pointed him.  He also tells why it took him essentially 25 years to write the book.  I can relate to that.

I have been recommending this little book in my right margin practically since it came out.  Really, please read it.  It is truly a lovely book.  And read it with your kids.  If I can get Captain Comic to sit still enough (as he did in rare form for The Phantom Tollbooth last summer) I will read it with him this summer.


  1. sounds lovely - will try and get it. Love the new look of the blog.

  2. i wouldn't read it to your girls quite yet, alana! maybe when they're about 8.

    thank you!


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