Wednesday, June 16, 2010

primary colors

I discovered some rainy day colors around my gardens:

a little true red

a little red, almost, peeking from behind 
I love the clinging raindrops!

big blue made of lots of little blues

a few peeks of yellow around the white birch trunks

Toots and I ate that strawberry we picked. It was the the most delicious vine ripe strawberry I've eaten since I was a kid picking my dad's strawberries!

Everything tastes better homegrown.

Of course there was plenty of green, too, but that's not a primary color.


  1. how exciting! i'm hoping to get there one of these years and grow our own food - but i'm starting with trying to keep a few plants watered and the lawn mowed. one step at a time!

  2. i love gardening! i grew up with my father, the vegetable gardening fiend, and my mother always grew i can't stop myself. can't say that particular gene and influence rubbed off on my brothers, though. but they do what they love, too.


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