Monday, June 7, 2010


Jennifer Johnson of Mama's Magic Studio is celebrating the Second Anniversary of her darling jewelry's Etsy shop.

To celebrate, she is having a giveaway!  go to her blog now, as it ends on June 9th, to enter her giveaway a number of ways to add entries from liking her fanpage on fb to simply leaving a comment on the post linked above.  And while you're there, check out everything she has available.  I love her handmade knitting needles so much, they make me want to take up knitting!  Her freshwater pearl bird nest pendants are perfect for honoring your kids as a mom, or even to wear as a reminder to take care of your precious self. 

And really, besides the chance to win something, just go take a peek.  She has a very singular and delicate style of creativity with a touch of humor, too. 


  1. you are such a sweetheart, Cathy! (But we knew that, didn't we?) Thanks so much for your kind words and for posting about my giveaway. Don't forget to go back and post two more comments yourself on the entry thread to give yourself all three entries for your blog post! good luck!

  2. anytime! i should see more people wearing your earrings, etc! you deserve more sales, too! thanks for the reminder, and done!


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