Thursday, June 17, 2010

my loot!

I actually won a contest!  Mama's Magic Studio's prize arrived in the mail yesterday.  Please check out Jennifer Johnson's shop at etsy and also her blog.  Jen is a thoughtful and whimiscal jewelry designer and a real rock of a mama who has loads to teach us all in the gentle and perceptive manner in which she raises her two young kids.  I hope I am half the mother she is once I see past the mayhem to the wonder that is my kids.

"A woman needs a man like

a fish

needs a bicycle."
And now for the lesson in feminism:  This gem of a quote is not from Gloria Steinem, but from Irina Dunn.

I'll be wearing these all week, at least!  Thank you, Jennifer Johnson!


  1. I'm so glad you like them, Cathy! Delighted! Wear them and be well. you are most welcome!


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