Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Spontaneity junkie

When I head out to the garden patches to water in the mornings, my fifteen month old daughter usually stays on or close to the little deck off the house while I drag the hose around yard and arc a spray at the veggies and flowers. She has a very observe first, leap in later once I’ve figured this whole scenario out personality. Her little arched brows and big brown unblinking eyes take it all in, two-fingers firmly in mouth, and sucked on even harder when she’s really considering something of importance. I swear she’s taking notes when I hear the squidgy little rhythm from her.

Lately however, she has been branching out. She follows me as I drag the hose around the yard. Slowly over the course of the past week, she has been encroaching closer into the mouth of the hose’s domain, until yesterday when she toddled right past me and reached up into the stream grinning and giggling giddily.

She is born in the heart of Aries, and several analyses I’ve read pretty much label her a spontaneity junkie. I’m beginning to believe it. She is a thrill seeker, loving to be tossed into the air, swung upside down, and apparently now, doused with a million sparkles of watery jet stream…

Just don’t approach her too quickly when you see us. And please don’t repeat the constantly said “those two fingers sure must taste good!” either, and expect to walk away unscathed, well verbally anyway. I’ve heard it too much for a lifetime already, thank you very much.

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