Thursday, June 25, 2009

Father's Day

Our Father’s Day started with breakfast in bed for Honey. He stayed upstairs cuddling and playing with Baby C in bed while I got to making eggs and waffles and coffee. The boys and I brought up breakfast and wished him Happy Father’s Day, opening cards and all.

We took a while to get the day going for fun, but finally we drove up to Water Country even though it was starting to look like the thunderstorm threat would come true. This was the first time we’d all gone up, and of the three adults in the car, we all assumed someone else knew the way, and no one printed online directions. Thankfully, we had a general idea where it was, but we still drove around in circles all swearing at each other for a good bit while the boys got mad in the back of the van, S holding Honey ‘personally responsible’ if we never arrived, and C was fighting her car seat nap. Needless to say, the ride up was not fun. It would have been helpful if the road signs were as clear for that tourist trap as they were for the ones neighboring it, Busch Gardens and the Historic Triangle of Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown Settlement, and Yorktown Victory Center.

Anyway, we had fun. Water play is always good on a hot summer day. A small tip: if you’re in close enough vicinity that you think you’d like to go to Busch and Water Country more than once over the season, go ahead and get the season pass combo for both. It doesn’t cost much more than a day pass and gives you endless fun for the whole summer through Halloween. It was clear at the end of our visit that we wanted to come back. Three o’clock in the afternoon is definitely too late to arrive and enjoy more than three rides without pressure to do more.

There is a longstanding tradition in my family anyway, that Dad grills on Father’s Day. I have no idea if this was an established tradition in my husband’s family, but I put him up to it, anyway. He likes grilling and it’s fast for when you come home around seven thirty with everyone hungry and tired. Thankfully I had planned it ahead of time, and had in-season asparagus that I packed in foil with lemon juice, butter and dill to throw on with the veggie burgers and hot dogs. This is one area we differ. I have been vegetarian my whole adult life. My husband loves his hamburgers and hot dogs. Never the twain shall meet.

Of course, Honey and I rounded out the night watching the latest episode of True Blood, juicy as ever, but we actually turned in shortly after. Thankfully, Baby C slept in her crib until the approach of five in the morning. So we all got a relatively decent night’s sleep for a change. All in all, Sunday was a relaxing and fun day.

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