Friday, June 5, 2009

Mama needs a new pair a docs

But she didn't get them.

Intead two boys got two pair of shoes.

S's sneakers were so worn out, his feet were making their way through the soles.

K has an eighth grade formal tomorrow night, which isn't so formal but he can't wear his black, very shoe looking sneakers to it. I called the school and asked, "just how formal is this formal, anyway?" Suits? No. Jackets? No. Tie? No. Khakis, ok? Yes. Dress shirt, buttoned and tucked in, not hanging out over an Obama or Heath Ledger as the Joker T-shirt. But under no circumstances, sneakers.

I had a BOGO card for a chain shoe store. After discussions at great length -"I reFUUUUUSe to wear sneakers with laces!" proclaimed loudly in the store. Tough, kiddo you're almost eleven years old and it's about time you learned to tie them. "NEVER!" C'mon buddy, just slip them on and off like you do your old velcro ones, that way you never have to untie them. Trust me. K does the same, still.

Of course this morning, I untied them. Evil duplicitous mom that I am. And then I sent him with sneakers in hand to Honey and snuck into the shower.

And, "Mom, they don't have my size." What size are your feet now? "I think these are a seven and a half." Grab the eights and stuff toilet paper in the toes. You'll be able to wear them next year.

One basic black pair of men's dress shoes and one pair of black Vans running through the store later - to test them you see, we were finished.

"Was I good? Do I get my treat?"

Three hot pretzels, greatly negotiated as in no soda to go with, the simple ones that come three for two dollars later, we were home and happy.

Now to walk Cousin It through a haircut at the salon tomorrow.

Never a dull moment. And I left the toddler home with grandma for this one.


  1. Now I see what I have to look forward to! :-)

  2. you betcha! unless we sell our books by the millions... ;)

  3. I still think you should get yourself those Docs too.

  4. thanks, lisa, i can wait til fall...


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