Monday, June 1, 2009

Sundays were made for the Beach

I grew up in a beach town on Long Island Sound in Connecticut. I'll just stop there, because I can easily go on about that ad nauseum, and I am sure at many points in the future I will. Now, I live in more of a river beach town, but it's still a little salty, so that's pretty good. My preference is to head down the road a piece to Virginia Beach. We did that yesterday. It was a necessary adventure as the weather has been pretty good the past few weekends, though threatening thunderstorms, so we didn't go. That is too much teaser for me. I was getting crabby because too many nice weekends in a row without the beach is just wrong in my bones, skin and soul. Honestly, if I sell a gazillion copies of my book, it'll go to a beach house. Then my life will be perfect.

But I was not the only crabapple in the bunch yesterday. Honey didn't want to do much of anything. Apparently the baby was coming down with something and we didn't realize it. S was just being generally non-compliant and loud about it. K had spent the night with his allergies and loads of ticks in the woods, supposedly on a visionquest with his coming of age group from our UU church, and we were bearing the brunt of his mood. So I demanded the beach in lieu of infanticide, thunderstorms be damned.

Only a few minutes in and we were relaxed:
C was not pleased in general with the beach: sunscreen in her eye, sand in everything else and the scary water was cold. Did I mention she seemed to be coming down with something? She also peed on my lap. That's when I was reminded in one of many '10 years later moments' that Swimmies are only meant for containing poo. This was a better brief moment for her.

S has two missions and two missions only when we beach it: to reenacted every 'Godzilla rising from the ocean scene' from all twenty-six Toho Studios features and to dig a bottomless pit. To wit above: bottomless pit. K is a a latter day stunt double for Cousin It of The Addams Family.
We had fun, relaxed as much as possible in too short a jaunt, as we got off to a late start for all the grumpies.


  1. i'm a beach girl too. luckily, we are only 10 minutes away...glad you guys had a great day. i remember our first successful boca grande trip with the girls (i say first successful trip because the first overall trip was very very short because it was not the least bit successful...the girls were only 10 months old) that first successful trip, livvie hated hated and i mean hated the sand. she was fine as long as she was in my lap or on a blanket, or really even floating in the water...but no sand. meanwhile sarah was all over the sand digging for treasures.

  2. it must be wonderful to watch your girls and see their diffierences as little individuals at the same time. i know i marvel over the differences between the guys and c thinking back to them at her age, but to have it unfold at the same time must truly be a marvel.


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