Thursday, June 11, 2009



I remember being about five years old
A blue, blue sky,
The earth and wood scent of horses
Overripe citrus tinged.
The post and beam fence sun hot
As I climbed up
Under the orange tree
Brushed the horse named Mark
On his snout.
My father lifted me effortlessly
One handed, by the seat of my shorts
To climb up into the giant orange tree.
High into the branches I scrambled,
Surrounded by an explosion of orange.
I think my big brother was there, too,
Up in the branches twisting oranges off
And pelting them down to the burlap bag.
My father racing against the horse’s mouth
To roll the good ones into the bag.
This is the purest, simplest, happiest
Moment of my life.
A child thrilled by her senses,
Celebrating love and oranges.

This was my entry for the weekly creative challenge on

It won, but the win feels empty. I was the sole entrant besides the manager of the challenge.

This website is a great place for any type of creative mothers to come together about the trials and tribulations of being a mother, and being creative. It's been a little slow lately, though it has been very active in the past year and a half since it's inception. There are writers, jewelry makers, painters, fabric artists, and more who have participated either in the weekly prompt challenges or by posting blogs about their own latest challenges or successes in their lives, parenting, creativity or anything else.

I would hate to see it peeter out when it has been so vibrant. There is a great weekly goals page on the site, that helps me a lot when I stick to it, by keeping me honest about my work to myself by holding me publicly accountable.

If you're a blogger, its a great place to cross post and share what's going on with you, too.

Check it out.

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