Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sympathy a la Asperger's Syndrome

The other day, S, upon seeing a scrape/bruise on my foot incurred over the weekend during my yard work visit to the dump and a run in with Honey's car door, exclaimed,

"The sight of that alone broke my heart into a million pieces then those pieces exploded into a million pieces then those exploded into a million pieces so that it must be powder by now."

I do love him. He is very clever is expressing empathy in an unexpected ways, which is also quite unexpected for a person with a syndrome that specifically states difficulty in expressing empathy for others. Of course, having the visual of an actual wound probably helped. I bet he would have really enjoyed watching it bleed.


  1. That is gorgeous, actually. The words, not the wound!

  2. thanks, jen. i thought so, too.


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