Thursday, June 4, 2009

It’s official.

I live in the South. It is the very beginning of June and too hot to take the baby out to the backyard for more than fifteen minutes without her succumbing to boiled baby syndrome. You know, when a toddler is so red, minus the sunburn, because she hasn’t been out long enough to get a burn, especially through the 45SPF sunblock. It's just the heat making her blood rise to the surface.

I’ve been mooning over New England for three years now. Again, I miss New England. For once it’s not because of the severe lack of snow here, but for the plain and simple fact that Summer Solstice has not arrived and here we are: boiled baby syndrome.


  1. Ah, but here in Michigan, it's still too cold for sundresses even thought the calendar reads June. And we are all grumpy about it.

  2. yea, just checked weather for my hometown in ct and adopted hometown of boston. about the same as your weather...

    90s this early is still too early. kids should be outside in june - not boiling!

  3. Oh my God, she's adorable. And I love the phrase "boiled baby syndrome."

  4. thanks. i can't help it, i'm morbid. no wonder my sons love monsters and zombies.


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