Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Random Beauty

My husband, the one I call Honey in the blog, not that I have another at the moment, took some beautiful pictures on Sunday of things growing in our front yard. Most of them I planted and grew myself, like the yellow rose bush and the fuscia and wine petunias.

But the zinnias come back year after year on their own.

We have no idea what this last one is, though we call it our pineapple tree, because it always looked to us like someone stuck the top of a pineapple in the ground and it just kept growing. We've lived in this house for three years and all of a sudden last week the spikey thing sprouted a big gob of these beautiful white flowers. Do you know what it is? We are stumped.
Update: I have since been notified by a friend that this may in fact be a Yucca Filamentosa, aka Adam's Needle or Bear Grass.


  1. Just lovely. Wish I could be there with you, in your garden. :)


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