Monday, June 22, 2009

Sisyphus ain’t got nothing on me.

Saturday, I discovered it is possible to drown in a mountain – a mountain of laundry.

I usually do four-six loads on Mondays, then another two-three on Thursdays, but I’ve been getting a little lazy and my back has been bugging me from weeding the garden so I put it off this week and suffered near suffocation in the mountain ranges of dirty in the garage then clean in the family room, furniture buried in unfolded and folded stacks by family member. And the sheets. That’s right, the entire household of anything fabric related was run through the wringer - which thankfully is a bit more modern than that. If I had to do laundry through a washboard and wringer or beat it on rocks, I would definitely have opted for moving even farther south than I have and done away with clothes altogether. I would have found my own private island in the middle of the South Pacific and sailed my family off to be raised to run around in loin clothes. No, leaves would be even better, so easy to recycle. Hmm, disposable clothes, must run patent that!

In general, I really hate leaving any housework at all for the weekends, preferring to keep the weekends as open range for garden and yard tending - deluxe variety, or just family together time and maybe the rare date with Honey. It’s summer, the beach is a necessity for me, if I haven’t already mentioned, which I’m sure I have. I find nothing more relaxing and satisfying than to let the boys loose to the water and sand, sit back and make sure the riptide doesn’t take them out to sea or too far up the beach, and let the ocean breeze wash over me…

Okay I’m fantasizing again, because instead of spending Saturday washing my cares away on my own private island or with the sand at the shore, I started the day scrubbing down the neglected bathroom I share with three increasingly large males, and one baby girl and her baby tub, etc. Then I moved onto the laundry from h-e-double-hockey-sticks.

Where do all these clothes come from? It’s summer in Virginia, not winter in Massachusetts. We’re not wearing layers against the weather, mostly we’re not even wearing full-length pants! Honestly, if laundry for a family of five (mil does her own and frankly this week, quite a bit of the baby’s) is always like this, I’ll be waving from below the pile for the next umpteen years…

Stop by sometime and dig me out to take me out for cosmos…


  1. I am a project-oriented person. I like to have a project, do it, and cross it off. Therefore, laundry kills me. Fact: I used to do it naked, just so I could finish and say I truly didn't have a dirty item in the house.

  2. naked laundry would be someone in my house's preference, though i'm not naming names.. we actually have a few who prefer nakedness in general. but i can see your satisfaction in having not a single dirty item in the house!


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