Thursday, November 18, 2010

opera girl


I have at various points in my life been a fashionista.  Not a generally known fact and not one I am prepared to admit readily.

If it's brought up, I usually prefer to mention my past as a thrift store junkie peacepunk cross between Deadhead, punk, and vaguely Audrey Heburn styling moments. In my clubbing days I had an awesome green with gold brocade jacket that would have fit Prince. Literally and figuratively.  Oh, and there was that one antique black lace over red satin 50s type number that usually ended up being used at Halloween for a flamenco dancer...

Not so much these days.  But last night I went to the Opera.  My current wardrobe consists of worn out jeans and go to stretched out comfy t-shirts covered in stains of 15 years' worth of parenting.

And then I remembered I picked up one Calvin Klein black dress several months ago at Ross.  Serious rack dig moment.  I am not a good shopper.  I am very picky, it's tough to find anything that fits me, and I can always find fault with whatever I try on, so I walk out empty handed if I walk into a store at all.  Mirrors and I have a difficult relationship at best. Especially since I still, on some level, expect to see a 95lb stick staring back out at me.  But I have had three kids and a lot of life since those days. Women's bodies change.  I like the curves I have now, but they aren't always exactly where I think they should be. The good part is a lifetime of chipmunk cheeks has finally left town.

I put on make up, wow!  I got dressed, including textured tights and heels I couldn't walk in.  I had Mr. Cynic take the pic above for proof.  Hence, the shoes are cut out, but that's okay.  The necklace and earrings are by Kelly Warren of Happy Shack Designs.  Go to her blog, she has the best attitude.  Then go to her Etsy shops, because her jewelry is gorgeous and fun and her photos are as bright and layered as she is.  Go ahead, I'll wait. 

Good, now go start dropping holiday hints to spouses, etc.

And back to me.  Bottom line:  I cleaned up quite nicely, and besides the shoes, it felt good to spruce up for a change.  Every woman, mother, etc, needs to feel pretty now and then.  I suggest it  periodically even if you don't have an event to go to.  It just feels good.  Now remind me I said this a few months down the line when I have a sucky winterized attitude.


I had the opportunity to go see the Virgina Opera perform Mozart's Comedy Cosi Fan Tutti at Harrison Opera House in Norfolk, with Honey's young cousin because no one else in the family wanted to go!  I leapt on it.  Live Mozart?!  Are you kidding?!  Pick me!

It was also her 19th birthday, and it was sweet to spend with her and talk about how things are different now than when I was 19 (ie drinking age changes, etc).  She also just got her motorcycle license the same day!  So she was excited about that, too.  But the cutest was when we finally arrived at the opera house - after a comical circuitous route which involved counting stoplights a la The Count of Sesame Street fame - we found ourselves in the balcony elevator with obvious lifer opera fans and she threw out that this was her first opera.  The sweet elderly couple told her what fun this one was and that she would likely enjoy it a lot.  And she did! 

And so did I.  The sets were gorgeous and simple, although there was a funny malfunction of a venetian blind.  The voices were beautiful, as were the costumes which had another malfunction. 

Mozart's treatment of the rather silly libretto is stunningly gorgeous, and though what they were singing at times was rather bawdy, in Italian, it might as well have been singing to the divine.  Mozart couldn't write a bad note if he tried.  It would still be fun.

So, if you haven't ever tried it, I highly recommend going to an opera.  I hadn't been in years, and loved it even more than I remembered!  Life is about the experiences we share, and sometimes going out to a live performance takes us out of ourselves for a couple of hours, and reminds us to laugh and love in community. Because that's the best kind.  Art is good! 


  1. you look dynamite! what a great opportunity! the last time i went to an opera, i abandoned a date who was irritating me. i need to go again and erase that memory!

    p.s. what was the costume malfunction?

  2. thanks, aimee! you really do need to go and erase that other opera experience!

    the woardrobe malfunction wasn't nearly as exciting as it may sound. a couple of lais were entangled and meant to be separated to go on 2 different people, but they made it work by throwing them both on one. good thing it was a comedy. but there was a lot of nearly outed boobage (as well as groping) in 18th century corset gowns.

  3. you look fabulous! and i must say your choice of accessories is exquisite. :-) i admit i've never been to an opera. i love going to the theatre but i've never been to an opera. dh won't go with me and i never seem to be able to find anyone who wants to go!

  4. ha! thanks, kelly. it's all you!


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