Monday, November 29, 2010

weekword: pyrophoric

I am hosting the Weekword Challenge this week and hope you'll join in on the fun.  Weekword is a creative challenge that gets passed around the internet and each week a new blogger is asked to host and chooses a new word to inspire others to share their response. You can do anything: from poetry to photography to pottery to pensive ramblings. Whatever happens is good as long as it prompts you to do, to make, to create and then to share.


I flipped open my old red Merriam-Webster, and found this week's word.  I like it.  It's sparkly. In fact the official meaning from is

py·ro·phor·ic   /ˌpaɪrəˈfɔrɪk, -ˈfɒr-/ [pahy-ruh-fawr-ik, -for-]
–adjective Chemistry .
capable of igniting spontaneously in air.
1830–40; < Gk pyrophór ( os ) fire-bearing ( see pyro-, -phorous) + -ic Unabridged
Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2010.

World English Dictionary

pyrophoric (ˌpaɪrəʊˈfɒrɪk)
— adj
1. (of a chemical) igniting spontaneously on contact with air
2. (of an alloy) producing sparks when struck or scraped: lighter flints are made of pyrophoric alloy
[C19: from New Latin pyrophorus, from Greek purophoros fire-bearing, from pur fire + pherein to bear]

I hope it sparks something in you!  (I couldn't resist.)  Please add a comment here to indicate if you are participating and I will post a link to your blog on Friday to share with others. 

Have Fun!


  1. Whee, fire and chemistry, what more can I ask for? Count me in!

  2. Great pick, science and all!! Count me in!!

  3. thanks for participating, and being excited about it,ladies! i still have to think of something myself...

  4. I'm late to the party! Please count me in.

  5. you're not late at all, sally, have fun and can't wait to see your post on friday!

  6. I've been away - just catching up. I'll try to give this a whirl!

  7. oh great! see what you come up with then!


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