Monday, November 1, 2010

weekword: abundance, reaper madness, and crazy


Christine E-E is hosting this week's Weekword, and while I've been out for a while, I am back in for this week.  So many ways to go with Abundance, but I went here:


Little witch is barely bigger
than orange pumpkin bucket
she carries.
Halfway around neighborhood,
still enthused, still yells
Trick or Treeeeeat!
She grips it tightly
trying to walk,
begins to look more
like a drunken sailor
listing to one side,
falling over.
She only hands it over
when she can no longer
lift the candy hoard.

Second:  I made these:

We had fun trick or treating.  Captain Comic is already wistful, dreaming costume options for next year when he can't trick or treat anymore. Toots was hilarious, refused to let herself wear out, and loved going door to door.  Mostly, they both loved meeting everyone's dogs.

Third: Nanowrimo starts today.  I am supposed to write 1,667 words.  I will add a box to my sidebar later for my word count to progress thoughout the month. 

Fourth:  I need to write up critiques of the two writing group manuscripts I am holding.  I am excited about both of my friends' books.  these are good.  We will see them on the children's market.  I did make a few nitpicky notes, though.  Heck, I do that for books that are published. 

Fifth:  My manuscript, you ask? .........


  1. I LOVE this poem about an ABUNDANCE of Halloween treats!
    I'm not a writer, so I'm in awe of others who can string descriptive words together, creating a visual, that culminates with a deep wooo-shh of a sigh! Although your poem describes your daughter, I can visualize my daughters at that same age... what memories!
    thanks for participating in WEEKWORD!

  2. Hi! I am a new weekword blogger, love your poem and nice to meet you!:)

  3. I'm completely in love with your little poem for your wee witch, it's absolutely what I remember about trick or treating with my sisters when we were small. Best wishes on your NaNoWriMo and hoping I can maybe hook up with you as a writing buddy? I need a push desperately at this point and have been stuck out of town and without a sliver of time. Wonderful weekword!

  4. sure, biomouse! i am cath c in nano. although i'm not certain i will be the best motivator by my progress. lol

    i'm glad you liked the poem and thanks for stopping by!


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