Thursday, November 4, 2010

see this kid?

Yea, this is his costume for the event he attended on Halloween while the rest of us were tricking and treating.  What's the costume you ask?  He's a punk rocker. 

Now, I went through a great deal of messing his hair about with loads of hairspray, etc. for more of a Sid Vicious sort of look, and loaded him with black eyeliner.  But he schmooshed it all back down and rubbed it off.

How is this different from his usual appearance you may be wondering?
That's a GUITAR on his back.  Not the usual bass.

Anyway, this punk kid decided to start Nanowrimo (click linkipoo in sidebar if you are curious) TODAY and has already bypassed my word count.

Love him.  Really I do. 

Tomorrow you will not hear from me because I will be hoarding the computer to myself -with only my Word Doc open - for the better part of the day in order to beat him.  Beat him at wordplay. Nano-nano!


  1. love, love, love that he is doing nano ... most excellent!

  2. Hi,

    Thank you for visiting me and leaving such a nice comment. My goodness, it sounds as if you have a very interesting life...and a fun one too. I admire anyone who writes; it requires a great deal of discipline - and creativity! Hope to see you again.(-:

  3. thak you for stopping by, too, la vie!


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