Sunday, August 15, 2010

a few weekend amusements

I kind of wish I had one of these at home sometimes, as Captain Comic looks right at home in it, don't you think?  And then Miss Toots managed to make even a stockade look Diva.
We don't usually do things like go minigolfing, but decided yesterday that something new was in order. We all had fun, even if little shade was available and we were quite overheated.  Toots was very pink in the cheeks after a few holes.  Captain Comic got a hole one!

Today, in the van, while sharing one of his cds with me, Mr Cynic, who plays bass, expressed, "When I hear a band without a bass, I die a little inside everytime." 

Later, while making myself a salad with goat cheese, Captain Comic wanted to try some goat cheese, though was hesitant about it.  First words out of his mouth after trying it: "Can we make a goat cheese cake?"

All in all, we've had a fun and relatively low key weekend.  How about you?


  1. They are the best kind..... we had a day like that today and ended up having a water hose fight in the garden to cool off. The stuff memories are made of...

  2. sounds like a blast! (pun intended - hardy har har)

  3. I spent my weekend trying to get over jet lag... the body doesn't snap back as fast as it used to!

    Hope you'll participate in WeekWord? I posted the word at:

  4. oh yes, thanks for the reminder!

    jet lag, the results hopefully, of a time well spent!

  5. I love Mr Cynic's bass comment. :-) i'm not a goat cheese fan but anything in cake usually works for me. we had a pretty routine weekend last weekend, but we are making the annual trek up to north Georgia tomorrow to visit my Great Aunt Livy for her birthday. 89 this year. There will be 7 of us in my van: me, Benny adn the girls, my sister Kim and her husband Rob and my Dad. This should be interesting. :-) Aunt Livy is thrilled Dad is coming. Even this she is my mom's aunt, Dad was also close to my mom's family.

  6. sounds like a great trip! i have a lot of family in north, ga. i'm sure having so many more adults in the van will help make the ride seem shorter for you and the girls.


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