Sunday, August 29, 2010

i am a freak

I have become an obsessed quilting freak for the weekend. 

It started with a inspirational trip to a fabric store and a sketch. 

It launched with a return to the fabric store and material purchase.

And now I have gone off the deep end, because if I don't finish it tonight, after spending 13.5 hours poking myself with a needle and pins yesterday, I will never finish.  So instead, I'm opting for the die trying route.

Don't worry, I am making efforts to document the process and blog with follow, but now back to the salt mines sewing table.

I have a novel to finish editing, don't I?  And the sun has come out and not too hot this weekend, so NOW I decide I must quilt or die?!


  1. I can't wait to see how it turns out! And interestingly enough, after months away from the sewing machine, in the last three days I've gone full-bore into not one but two patchwork and quilting projects! Details to come at my blog soon. But it's been fun to see your FB and blog updates and play along as it were, with my own needle-poked fingers and fabric obsessed frame of mind. In other words, I sympathize!

  2. wow, that's fantastic, jen! can i claim inspiration? ;)

  3. Actually, my inspiration was a free fabric giveaway event the previous weekend. Free fabric!!! How could I not be inspired!?!

    I'll hope to post pics later today.

  4. free fabric would definitely do the trick!!!


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