Monday, August 23, 2010

idea becomes reality

Honey and I ran some errands together over the weekend, sans kiddos.  For one of them, I dragged him into the fabric store.  He has a pretty good design aesthetic, and helped me to decided to use a different purple for the quilt than the one that initially inspired it.  This one with butterflies and flowers goes nicely with the yellow dragonflies and is a much more toddler rainbow appropriate than the luscious purple with coppery dots. 

I may have to go back and buy that one for myself for a tank dress, if I feel particularly capable and ambitious after this quilting episode. 

The pink is an alternate, too.  And I decided to go with the deeper medium watery blue instead of the sky blue, which leaned toward a lavendar in its batik.

Overall the materials are better suited for Toots, without getting too kitchy and teddy bear oriented, like many quilts do.  I'm not so big on the baby themes approach. 

Today, amidst laundry and sundries, and likely during her nap, I will start cutting, and possibly piecing and pinning. 

If I break it down into steps, I will less likely neglect my family - as I often do under the pretext of working on my novel.  So the quilt won't be finished in 48 hours, but my children will be fed, and still know they have a mother. 


  1. I really like the colors. Can't wait to see it evolve.

  2. thanks, jacqui! of course, today was spent with a weed whacker and laundry instead. sadly not together, so that i may have less laundry....


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