Tuesday, August 24, 2010

dunce day

Someone please pass me a pointy cone hat and a seat in a corner.  That is likely the best place for me today.

Sunday night, Toots was having sleep issues, and her crib is in with us until Mr. Cynic goes to college.  Her night talk and cries, etc kept us up for much of the night, and Lucy unlocked her crate and made a bed for herself under ours, with periodic shakes of her jangly collar.

Last night, around two to three in the morning, a domestic dispute occurred outside of our house, making all the neighborhood barkers pipe up, especially ours, who was in her crate downstairs. Amidst the barks, toward the end of things I heard an angry, "If you want me to take you home, then I'll take you home!"  Then things began to quiet down.  Shortly after, I heard the whoosh of a speeding car out of the subdivision and onto the highway that runs behind our house.  I thought things were over.  I was wrong.

I held off calling 911, but someone else in the neighborhood apparently called.  I heard huge sirens and then it got quiet again, seemed like they sped down the highway, not into the neighborhood. I was wrong.

Suddenly, with dogs still barking madly across the neighborhood and  in our home,  someone leans heavily and repeatedly on our doorbell.   I wasn't certain whether it was police or someone seeking refuge.  I didn't want to go downstairs, but they obviously weren't letting up until someone did, so like the good wife I am, I verbally shoved a very sleepy Honey out of bed to check. 

Thankfully, it was the police.  Honey was not as coherent as I was to answer any questions of what we heard, so I joined them on the porch and told the freshly scrubbed teen looking deputy what I've mentioned above.

There's obviously more to this story that involves a couple of broken bottles and a bloody rag in front of our house in the street, and who knows what else. 

But my main concern, is that it looks to be a rainy day, I have three kids of varying ages and interests likely stuck in the house, and a few projects waiting for me to work on them, and I have no brain to come up with any ideas for any of these situations due to serious lack of sleep. 

Oh and the dulcet beeps, clangs, etc of heavy equipment working on the same highway behind our house again.  What ever it is they are doing out there has sincerely become an Syssiphian exercise in local bureaucratic roadworks.  Work has been going on for the entire time we have lived in this house.  As soon as they seem to finish, they tear it up and start again.

Where's a good book and an escape route?

Calgon, take me away!


  1. no corner and pointy hat for you! you deserve a massage, a few hours of time to write and a glass of wine for all you endured!

  2. oh yea, a glass of wine with dinner tonight just might be the ticket! thanks, aimee!

  3. thank you, prenatutors! welcome!


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