Wednesday, August 26, 2009

S's Birthday

Why do I feel so much more like he's growing too fast this year than previous ones?

Today my son S turns eleven, on my late grandfather's birthday.

He's such a big guy now, and he's showing so much more understanding of empathy and his place in the world outside of the center of his. Most of these changes have happened in the past year.

For now, I am going to appreciate him for who he is, just the way he is today. Just the way he laughs and wants to make everyone else laugh; the way he looks off to the right before he's about to say something truly philosophical and yet so simple, it's mindblowing. Just the way he throws his arms around me, dives in and squeezes me in his own peculiar kind of hug which he gives and receives with his whole body and soul.

Happy birthday, Kiddo. I love you. Mom.

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