Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Red Sox losing streak

I am a Red Sox fan. It took me nearly twenty five years of living in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to declare this, but I did, then promptly moved to Virginia. I vicariously lived through other long time fans' enjoyment and heartbreak in my good friends. Now, unless I get satellite tv or buy into a gazillion sports channels, I basically only see games when they play the Orioles or Nationals, or they happen to be on Fox or ESPN. There are pros and cons to this. Pros: I get to see them periodically but it doesn't take over my life. Cons: I only get to see them periodically and can't keep up very well with player changes, etc.

I largely stayed out of the rooting for any team or sportsperson for most of my adult life after growing up in a rather sports-oriented family, being the black sheep artiste. Weekends and then some, there was always a family member in a tennis tournament, a tournament on tv or a team game of any kind on tv. I realize now, it was not because I didn't like sports or didn't appreciate the challenge to win, etc as I proclaimed all those years. It was because deep down I am competitive as all get out and don't like to lose. It breaks my heart. I'm mature enough that I can admit this human fraility now. Even when it hurts. Like now.

Okay, I'm not a rabid fan, I don't prescribe to all the "Yankees suck" flag waving or bumperstickering. I know enough of stats to have a sense of what's going on historically without caring so much about the specifics. I do think think the Yanks are overpaid and a bunch of cocky b's. Come to think of it, most professional sports players are overpaid.

I love the Sox like some of those guys are my brothers - Wakefield, Lowell, Youk is getting up there, too, the rest of the older guys - I want to see them come out of their surgeries and win, or do their best trying. I love others of those guys like they're my sons or my old students. I root for them to make a good play or hit a homer or at least a double and run like the wind - Ellsbury, Pedroia, Drew, or for Papelbon to close a game brilliantly.

Lately, though, I'm very disappointed. When I've seen games, they've been real heartbreakers. I'm sure, like Pedroia said the other day, "It's not like we're not trying out there." But something has to be going on behind the efforts. They seem to be psyching out. I know they're better than that. Varitek, please get out of the habit of swinging at everything when the pressure is on.

The faster and harder Francona chews, the more nervous about a game I get.
C'mon, boys, there's a lot of love out here for you. We know you can do it. You have to believe it, too.

Update: Thank you for the win against the Detroit Tigers last night, Red Sox! Keep up the good work from here on out, please!

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