Monday, August 24, 2009

Ho hum

What can I say?

I'm not bored, there's plenty that has been going on but I can't seem to raise the gumption to talk about any of it. I guess I'm still in August mode, as I've mentioned, a very laid back state of mind, while I remain in denial that the starting gates of school are about to fly open. Maybe a list is in order as I'm not feeling very verbose. Speaking of lists, I better find the school supply lists....

1. Big thunder storm this weekend, very shortlived, but power went out briefly and I drove through a flash flood.

2. I drove through the flash flood because I had to take my eldest, K, to his friend's dad's house so they could then drive to Virginia Beach to see the Creed concert.

3. Very relieved that storm ended by the time I pulled back into my driveway, way too much bridge between here and VA Beach to trust my kid to someone else's driving through the flash flood.

4. Saturday, we took care of a lot of chores around the house. Very satisfying, but I hate doing chores on the weekend. I'd rather focus on family fun and relaxing, and take care of chores during the week - which I am avoiding now...

5. Baby C is starting to expand her vocabulary: baby, pizza, pie, hi and bye used appropriately, signing and saying 'mo peez' for more please, and much more. she toddles around the house doing vocal exercises a la my old chorus/choir experiences: may me ma mo moo, bay be ba bo boo, day de da do doo. I love it. Honey loves it, and so does Grandma. I really love how whenver we answer a phone, she says, 'ullO?

6. She also meows just like the cat and climbs the furniture like her, too, with a big grin, because she knows she's not supposed to climb up and stand on Daddy's computer, but that's what she likes to do. Oy, I'm in trouble with this one, huh? (she's doing it right now, and oh my, that grin is cute, if it weren't so evil)

7. S is turning eleven on Wednesday. Where did the time go? Just last week it seems he was climbing the furniture and meowing like the cats with a big evil grin. Come to think of it so did K, who is now 14. Wow, I'm really in trouble, aren't I? I've a lifetime of trouble with these three.

8. They're not so bad. For the most part. But now C is standing on the computer doing a dance and laughing after I pulled her off several times since writing #6.

9. See, lots to do, so much that I can't even make this list to number 10.

10. But I will anyway, because I wanted to mention that we hung out at the neighborhood pool on Sunday until the mini-thunderstorm, that S still thinks was just a truck so the lifeguards could blow the whistle and have the pool all to themselves. We took the younger two out for dinner which is always an adventure, but at least K was spending the night at his friend's house who just got back from spending most of August in Australia, the lucky dog. Besides, I can write #10, because C has left the room and I can hear her doing vocal exercises two rooms away, but wait they just ended, so does the list because she's probably on the diningroom table by now....

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  1. yep, that old "if it's quiet, she must be up to something" scenario. :-)


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