Friday, August 14, 2009

Conversation we had in public

Yesterday, we were in Dairy Queen getting Blizzards for the Miracle Treat Day. DQ donates a dollar per Blizzard to Children's Miracle Network which benefits childrens hospitals, and yesterday was the day for that. Sorry I didn't mention it earlier if you missed it. Oh well, maybe next time.

Anyway, there we were, Mom and boys date, sans Baby C. The following conversation transpired as we waited for the DQ folks to make our Blizzards:

S: Mooom? Can they really make a building out of chocolate?
M: I don't see why not.
K: But you'd have to build it in the Arctic.
S: Wa-it, w-w-ait. You'd have to build it in the Arctic? But then it would be frozen!
M: So it doesn't melt in the sun.
S: Oh, yeah.
K: But then if your bed is made entirely out of chocolate, then when you woke up you'd have melted chocolate all over you.
M: But then you could makes slurping sound and licking motion at her arm.
S: eyes widen considerably Yeeeeaaa!
K: And if your shower is made out of chocolate then -
In Unison, reverentially: Choooocolate syyyyrup!
K, with glee: I don't even want to talk about the toilet!
(Oh yes he does!)
K: Because then we're discussing an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT kind of chocolate.....
M: Okay that's enough right there.
S: chuckles heartily.


  1. I just stumbled onto your blog and had to comment.... this dialogue was hilarious. :)

  2. thanks, liz for stopping by! there's at least one convo per day like the above around here...

    I peeked in on your blog, and i believe I will be visiting more often! looks like you have as much fun as we do!

  3. I am sure this is where the Grover talk is heading next!

  4. Classic! But now I want CHOCOLATE!!! (good thing there's some left over from the s'mores supplies....)

  5. yea, i just made choc chip cookies, too...all that gobby ice cream yesterday apparently didn't do the trick.


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