Wednesday, July 7, 2010

cukes & zukes

These are just getting started in my little garden plot. It's so hot, even they are seeking shade.  Cukes and zukes are apparently much smarter than I am, since I went out in the sun and 100 degree heat to take pictures of them. 

Zucchini beginnings

Cucumber blossom

It's too hot to say much else. 


  1. that has to be the coolest thing ever... to see food emerge by the doings of your own hands!!

  2. it is! rather like your doodling and painting...i can never be quite certain of the results. a fascinating mystery to watch unfold.

  3. yay! i miss our garden more than our house, I admit. even if i never really did make the garden what it could have been (begged to be, in truth)

  4. oh, my garden is not what it could be or wants to be either! lol! thanks, jen!


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