Friday, July 9, 2010

oh writing, let me count the ways... can frustrate me:

1. my new printer won't communicate with my computer, so I can't print out the edits I did at writing group to read and redline a bit more by pages in hand. 

2. you come to me in fits and starts while occupying half my concentration all the time. make me do cartwheels, figuratively speaking, of course:

1.  I love a new idea, it makes my heart race and my arms want to write or type in that very moment to the exclusion of all else.  I get that tingly feeling like a teen falling in love.

2. I love rewriting, reworking, getting it right.

3.  (Please let there be a 3 so the positive side can win today.)  That netherworld feeling of one foot here, in the house with the kids and the laundry, and one foot there, in my imagination with my character and his family and friends and dog.  This week has been hovering around 100 degrees outside  and in my manuscript, it's Thanksgiving in New England - bare trees, the beginnings of snow, nose reddening winds.

Ah, thank you writing, for the cool, cool breeze!


  1. hi! oh fun and sometimes frustrating all in one. :)
    thanks for the blog visit...happy to connect with you!

  2. thank you, shannon! nice to 'meet' you, too!

  3. Ooh! Your creative frustrations and cartwheels are familiar territory. Such a great description of their hold on the imagination . . . sometimes a maddening distraction, yet at other times, a netherworld escape. Glad to see that the cartwheels won out!

  4. haha! yes, exactly, i understand ....

  5. thanks, christie and e.beck! it's blissful, it's what was i doing?, it's blissful!, get outa my way, i must write!


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