Wednesday, July 21, 2010


At writing group yesterday, I continued to slog my way through the paper version of my manuscript with purple pen.  Still need to smooth some edges out here and there, but generally, I'm pretty pleased with how it flows.

How's your latest project progressing?

We're also prepping our house for the floor guys to come, they were due tomorrow morning.  We just got a call that they're running behind scheduled and can't make it here until Thursday afternoon rather than morning.  They promised they'd be in and out in one day.  Friday, we need to reassemble the living room and dining room because our guests are arriving Saturday morning, after driving overnight.

Hmmm.  Can't wait to see how this pans out. 

Toots has suddenly become very possessive as we give her a headsup about her cousins' arrival. While she jumped on the trampoline, Grandma asked, "Are you going to jump with Little M on the trampoline?" 

Toots responded by walking to the edge of the trampoline, placing her hands on her hips and announcing to the empty yard, "M - Dis is MY twampowine!"

I told her this morning that her big cousins N and Big M were going to sleep on the guest bed.  She responded with "No, Dis is Grandma's bed and my piwwow.  Dey sweeping in [Captain Comic]'s bed."

I told her Little M and Baby G are sleeping in Captain Comic's room, but N and Big M are sleeping on the guest bed.  She insisted they were not. 

Hopefully, she will be less rigid about sharing and what belongs to whom when they arrive. 

Can't wait to see how all of this pans out. 


  1. fingers crossed that it "pans out" well! that possessive stage is a kicker, isn't it? we've just been moving (more or less) out of one. best of luck!

  2. thanks, jen, at least she's being cute about it, most of the time.


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