Thursday, July 1, 2010

This photo was taken under duress

You can see why I call my home mayhem in this photo.  At least part of the mayhem, anyway.

Today, we spend half the day in the van with these two in the back seat, within arms' reach of each other's necks.  Thank the gods of Nintendo for handheld entertainment.  That should keep them at bay for an hour or so. 

Six hours in, we hand them off to their dad.  He will then drive another six hours or so to their final destination. 

I'm just glad we're on the first leg of the journey with them.  Don't worry, we'll have the second leg in about a month's time. 

But I must say, as much as they are giving each other the Death Match Stare here, they really do get along.  Sometimes. 

It's going to be too quiet around here for the next month.  Really.  I know I won't be yelling, "STOP NOW!  I don't care who started it!"


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