Saturday, July 3, 2010

stumbled upon joy

This is so joyous, I cried.  How many joys can be counted in it? 

1. The man quit his job to dance badly around the world.
2. He dances. badly. and is proud of it.
3. People join him throughout the world.
4. They clearly love the spontaneity.
5.  When he gets hit with a massive wave, the camera woman giggles.
6. He dances in the guardhouse of the Korean Demilitarized Zone.
7. He dances with so many different people from Papua New Guinea to Paris.
8.  At first glance, the people seem so different, but
9. Every single one is smiling
10. And dancing with whole heart.
11. He dances even when alone.
12. The music.

I'm certain I have not counted all the joys contained in this video, but one I can relate to is dancing badly alone, because I relatively regularly tap dance in my kitchen, to the goofy dismay of my older kids. I do it because dancing is a joy, whether anyone is there to watch me or not.  It's freedom, it's exercise, it's motion and alchemy.  It instantly lifts my mood. 

And you know what?  I haven't done it nearly enough recently. 

I must now.  Enjoy the video!  Then Dance.

If you're having trouble viewing, please click to Where the Hell is Matt? and watch the first video.  The others are good for background about the process he went through making it.

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