Tuesday, May 17, 2011

captain comic rides again

Yes he did ride his bike some more, and made progress on his own, for which I'm very proud. 


Last night, I got a call from the the local Sheriff's Department. Captain Comic did not admit to it at the time, but I got out of him this morning that he did, in fact, call 911, but hung up when he realized that was a bad idea. 

When we received the call to be sure everyone was alright, I was like "Um, Grandma, the three year old and I are watching TV, the teen and Dad are on the computers right here next to us and the twelve year old is in the shower upstairs?" I walked upstairs to check on the greatest likelihood, and Captain Comic peered through a cracked bedroom door to deny making the call. I wasn't entirely certain he was being honest, but I put the cracked door down to the fact of him being half-dressed after his shower.

Then a deputy came by and he lied again to me and to the deputy who said, "It's okay, you're not in trouble, just tell the truth."

Late last night, I discovered the phone in my room was missing from its phone bed. I was not surprised, regardless of the number of opportunities I gave him over the course of the evening to come clean. This morning I confronted him with the evidence and another threat of no screens, whereupon he was very contrite.

I called the Sheriff's Dispatch this morning and discussed with them what happened, and apologized about how this is something normally a four to six year old does. So they're sending another deputy over tonight  to speak with him so that he can understand the importance of what 911 is used for.  The woman who answered chuckled and said, "It's okay, my son did that, too, when I did not respond quickly enough when he stubbed his toe."

Here's the kicker:
He told me this morning that he wanted to ask them a question. 

Mom: What did you want to ask them?
Capt. Comic: If there really are criminals running around the streets.


  1. i'm just impressed the the deputy's made not one but two visits to your house. :-)

  2. there is a real small town feel here, even if we're big enough to have 4 high schools.

    i'm just glad they are willing to work well about understanding his need for a resolve and understanding the importance of it all with his asperger's.

  3. i think you (and they) handled that brilliantly. let me revise my awesome comment to AWESOME!

  4. thanks, i think it was handled well, too.

    so many things similar to this happen nearly everyday. i can't get mad at him every time. that would just be too painful to live for our whole family.


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