Monday, May 2, 2011

something good

My weekend was crazy full of celebrations, late nights, exhaustion, and then the reports of Bin Laden's death came in, leaving me feeling full of questions, not answers. Answers do not flow as easy for me as they seem for others. But this is not a political blog, so I am returning to the small things in life, while big questions and emotions linger. I need some simplicity.

It is May, it is Spring. Flowers are blooming, something is good in the world.

Simply, wisteria, roses and peony.


  1. It has been a strangely emotional last few days for me too, particularly after last night's news. I'm very much in love with the new look around here and the lovely pictures of your garden. I've missed commenting here too!

  2. thanks, carmen. i hope all is well.


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