Thursday, May 19, 2011

between downpours

The King's Ransom rose bloomed in my front garden by the driveway.

Even with blight, he's gorgeous.

And that was the cutest little spider friend he had hanging out with him, looking for a safe haven to not be washed away. (click and zoom!)

And then I dove either back into the house or van with my cellphone captures as the sky poured a bucket down my back.


  1. How do you know that the rose is a "he"???

  2. Gorgeous. Our garden is in full bloom now and it is so good for the soul. I walk Ruby outside now when she is crying and immediately she calms down when she sees the flowers - our roses, Irises, alea, lupins, foxgloves, hydrangia, poppys - a riot of splendour. Love your pictures.

  3. i know him very well. he's a very handsome rose. always has been, deeply hued, strong, nothing delicate about him, not even his cologne. :)

  4. @mummy, sounds like it would do the same for me as it does for Ruby. actually it sounds like heaven!


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