Tuesday, February 15, 2011

on *#@&^^% editing

Editing is my Achilles's heel as a writer.

Usually, in the basic writing process, I do really enjoy it. But at this stage with my manuscript, I would rather shoot myself in the head (hyperbole, people, no need to call the authorities).

But I took everything to the library today and sat there for hours and did it. And I got through one chapter. One excrutiatingly tedious chapter of edits. And it didn't really need a whole lot done, but I am retyping and rewording absolutely the whole book. 

That's what I hate.

It's the typing.

I'm no good at it.

My hands do not point to keys I tell them to.

The laptop has this new little glitchy thing it does where when I get on a good roll of typing, it decides all on its own to just jump it up into prior text, by a couple of lines.

What is that about? 

And then there's the whole stare out the window part of the process that no one else can seem to recognize is actually the sight of me being productive. It's called creativity.  That's what writing is.  Brain stuff.  Yes, it looks dull as all get out from the outside, but there is big business going on on the inside.  It's called writing.

Please let Pooh sit in his Pooh spot.  I need to "think, think think." And then do it some more.

So right now, I am exhausted. I hate editing.


Yes, I am mixing my childhood references, so what?

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