Thursday, February 17, 2011


Yesterday turned out to be crap day for writing. But a good one for walking the dog and hanging with Toots.


What, no snack?  We're outa here.

The two in front are the ones on the approach in the other pic.  As soon as they realized we weren't holding, they high-tailed it, and spread the word.

Weather was sunny, a tad cool, and a lot windy. We didn't stay by the lake for very long, but we had a decent walk.

Today, the plan is to drop Toots at preschool then hit the library again with my manuscript. Wish me better luck with it than yesterday, please.  Thanks.


  1. luck! (belated luck, but that still counts for something i hope!)

  2. thanks, it did, as i am currently at the library having just written for about 2.5 hours!


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