Friday, February 18, 2011

cheese cereal and knock-knocks gone awry

Capt. Comic: Cheese cereal is good for you, right?
Mom: Cheese cereal?! Is there even such a thing?
Capt. Comic: Well, if there was. If we invented cheese cereal, it would be good for you, right?
Mom: I guess it would be, kiddo. (chuckle)

Apparently, if two things are great on their own, they'd be even better together?

Capt. Comic: Knock-knock
Mom: Troubador.
Capt. Comic: WHAT?!

He begins to laugh.  It becomes contagious.

Capt: Comic: Knock-knock.
Mom: Who's there? (we're still laughing from above, btw)
Capt. Comic: Excuse me?
Mom: Did you fart?
Capt. Comic: NO!

He can no longer control his laughter.  There is flopping and falling, and more laughing. On both our parts.

We never did get to the end of that joke.


  1. excellent! nothing quite like collapsing into laughter with your kids. a mom with a sense of humor is a huge blessing -- yay you :-)

  2. and i have to share -- appropriately enough, the word verification for that post was: "comic"


  3. thanks, jen! and that is funny - comic. ha!


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