Friday, July 1, 2011

Super 8

Go see it. Now. If you ever loved movies the way I love movies, go see  this one. I will not discuss it for fear of spoilers, but I will tell you I was thrilled all the way through it. The writing was great, the filming was great, the acting was great. It was JJ Abrams homage to Spielberg circa 1977-82.

My cynical teen thought it was the best movie he ever saw in his life and less than a week ago, he said the same thing about Heathers, a dark satiric twist on the John Hughes 80s teen genre. But his enthusiasm for Super 8 far surpassed his Heathers enthusiasm. This is the most deadpan guy you would ever meet, and he was downright joyous leaving the theater. I can not even tell you how excited the monster movie making 12 year old was. He's a credit watcher, and he was like 

"Hey, Michael Giacchino wrote the music!" 

Silly me asked, "Who's that?"

"He. wrote. the music for. Ra-ta-touille!" in his best duh mom voice.

Besides my own feelings about the movie, I am riding high on what Super 8 did for my kids, and they are pretty savvy movie viewers. It runs in the family. My mother raised me on the greats from the golden era, and now I raise mine on greats from the silver era.

So trust me, I know what I'm talking about. I am a moviephile. 

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