Tuesday, July 19, 2011

walkin the dog

It's hot.
I walked the dog.

What's that?

Get in for a closer look, but not too close. Sorry, only had the cell phone, again.


Yesterday, on my fence, a lizard skittered. By the time I got the yes, cell phone, out of my pocket, he was replaced by this dragonfly.

And then I found these Kentucky Wonder Beans under the tangle of vines covering my posts. I found quite a bit more than those. I think I'll cook them tonight. If Toots hasn't eaten them all in refrigerator drive-by snacking.

Today, I spent a few hours at the library, editing another chapter and a half. I hope to make more good headway tomorrow. I am making good, if slow, progress. 

Kinda like walking the dog in muggy Virginia mid-July.


  1. I've never heard of Kentucky Wonder Beans. What the heck are those? Super hot and muggy here, too, but then again I do live in Florida. Super hot and muggy is our state motto.

  2. they are a very long variety of pole beans. very hot and muggy seems to be the motto for most of the eastern half of the country at the moment, but is pretty normal July weather around here, too.


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