Saturday, June 18, 2011

new fave thing & convo with the captain

Captain Comic: How'd they DO that?
Mom: I don't know, but it's really creative and innovative, don't you think?
Capt. Comic: But how did they do it? Did they like draw it with a stick burning into the toast?
Mom: The images are so consistent from one piece of toast to the other, I wonder if they have some kind of a stamp thing they add lines of something to, and heat up to burn into the toast...
Captain Comic: That wastes a huge amount of toast!
Mom (falls over laughing)


  1. moments like these sure make the rest of paretning him worth it.

  2. i totally heart OK go but hadn't seen this one! thanks for the share -- have you seen the one of "this too shall pass" in the marching band version? i choke up every time i watch it. not really sure why, something about gratitude that there is such creativity and joy in creativity in the world. gratitude to them for being them. it's just so thoroughly creative and so danged *sincere*

  3. i'll have to check that one out. i feel that way about most of their videos and how they collaborate so well and let others' talents shine.


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