Thursday, June 23, 2011


photo: j. gallo

That's my guy, Honey and me, five years ago today. I think this was taken right before our first married kiss.

Everyone should be so in love and able to do this. Sure, marriage isn't all happiness and light, contrary to what fairytales would have us believe, but it is worth the work it takes when you love your partner and can be recognized fully in that, no matter how that love is packaged.


  1. Awwww.... happy 5th!

    But everyone?? What's to stop a man from marrying his underage boy... or a goat? Ha ha - JUST KIDDING!

    Did any of you ever notice how the religious right are the ones coming up with all these perverse and bizarre scenarios? Makes you wonder just what in the heck they're thinking about half the time.... but then again, I'd rather not know.

  2. thanks, liz! and well, yea, i was going for!

  3. Cheers! Here's to happiness. Here's to love.

  4. congrats! you look so happy!


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