Saturday, June 4, 2011

in preparation

I spoke with Captain Comic this morning about the fact that his sixth grade Family Life class is coming up next week. I just wanted to give him a heads up.

Mom: Hey, kiddo, C'mere a minute.
Capt. Comic: What?
Mom:  Do you know your Family Life class is coming up this week?
Captain Comic: Yea. Wait, what's that?
Mom: They're going to talk to you about sex.
Capt. Comic(face screws up in creepy disgust): Ew. You mean they're going to tell us how to have S-E-X?
Mom: Not like that...
Capt. Comic: Wait, don't you have to be... (puts hand over mouth, screws up face more, barely whispers): naked?! Like the woman goes on...
Mom: Stop right there! (because can see he's trying to picture it) They're going to talk about the science of your body going through puberty, and a girl's body...
Capt. Comic: EW!!! (runs away) I'm adopting all my people!

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