Thursday, June 9, 2011

hot hot hot

It's supposed to reach one hundred or so today. My morning shower was a waste of water, as I am now covered in sweat, from just a little gardening.

I fed and pruned the roses and other flowering bushes. I am way late for feeding them, should have put a post-it about it on my forehead. As I cut back dead branches and tied up the hydrangea, I found a chrysalis. I think it's a swallowtail, but I don't know what type. We get a lot of swallowtails around here, state butterfly and all.

Sorry, still stuck with cellphone shots, until I figure out a better camera situation that doesn't eat batteries.

Here's some lavender by the driveway. I should really trim it back. Grandma parks on that side of the driveway and it attacks her as she gets in and out of her car. 

The crepe myrtle I planted street side a few years ago is blooming. The white blooms smell like cinnamon Necco wafers this morning. 

I think I mentioned before that I didn't realize the sprig was spliced with pink when I bought it. The little pink bloom smells like cinnamon, too, but in a different way, a larger, more mellow scent, not as sharp as the white blossoms. Kind of like when I used to take a fireball out of my mouth as a kid once it was licked white and my tongue was on fire - after I drank something to cool my tongue.
Besides the chrysalis surprise, I found something Lucy left in the yard. She's been digging a lot lately because we have moles, again. She left me a present of a dead one by the deck.

Well, I''m too hot to write much more. How's the weather where you are? 


  1. Was just as hot here yesterday. Then it poured armegeddon-style. Now it's 65. Ahhhh... Chicago weather.

  2. we're suppose to get rain over the weekend, but i won't believe until we can't go to the beach. i miss NE weather, similar to Chicago....

  3. Today was 96 in Wichita. That ended a streak of five consecutive days OVER 100.
    And it tain't even officially summer.

  4. tikiman, that's the weather we've been having here, too. the heat index ended up hitting 113 yesterday, and of course, i had to garden...will do some more today.

    from what i understand our old boston has been feeling it, too, close anyway.


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