Monday, January 24, 2011

a long week and dreamers' dreams

It's exam week for Mr. Cynic, which means it's half school days for Captain Comic, too.  It's going to be a long week.

Toots woke up very crabby this morning.  She has been pushing bedtime to the outer outer limits of the night owl-ism and boy is she cranky in the morning. This is the absolute opposite of both the boys, who have always been early to bed and dawn risers. Captain Comic had early childhood sleep issues galore, but since we solidified a routine, he has stuck with it, pretty well, since he was three.  Mr. Cynic is going to bed later these days, but still is the first one up and out of the house thanks to the ridiculously early start to the high school day.

This morning, Toots wanted her hair in a ponytail. I put it in a ponytail.  She wailed and whined, "No not that ponytail, I want the other kind a ponytail!" Not that I could understand her through the whine with two fingers in her mouth, until about the forty-seventh time. I tried to put it in piggie tails, she screamed and whined, through that as well.

After the third attempt to put her hair up, finally I just gave up and said, "fine, wear your hair down, I'm done until you can speak to me in a nicer voice." She still doesn't have any ponytail and her hair is flopped over her face as she watches Sesame Street. Periodically she brushes it back, using her entire arm.

It's going to be a long week.

Thank goodness for writing group on Tuesday.  I think that may be my only chance for escape.

Saturday, after a failed attempt to take a highly resistant Mr. Cynic out for driving practice, Honey and I had a 'date' at Lowe's.  I know, exciting and romantic, right?  Actually it was for us, because we started planning the lumber and tool needs to make a loft for one of the boys, so we could move the boys in together and move Toots out of our bedroom and into one of her own.  This will seriously cut down on household clutter, since all her toddler and preschoolness is spread out in the office and family room, and drifts into the living room and dining room, even the bathrooms. We actually planned a bunch of other outdoor projects as well, the broken railing on our porch from the Christmas light incident; some fence mending and building a new ramp for the shed; resetting the raised gardens higher and shrinking the plot size to more manageable for my back and for the vegs that will grow to grow better.

We found ourselves standing in the miter saw department, sketching room redesigns on the backs of paint samples. We get so caught up in the daily business of things at times, so it was a fun little dreamer's escape for when the tax return comes in.  So yes, it was fun and romantic for us, since it means, in a couple of months, we'll have a room to ourselves again after three years. Won't that be nice?


  1. those are the best kinds of dates. i will admit that a true 'romantic' date with dinner and such just doesn't appeal to me at this state of my life. our weekly 'date' is cuddling under the covers watching antiques roadshow. seriously nerdy, i know. that means that date night is tonight!

  2. oh good, we're not alone in our alternative dating!


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