Friday, January 21, 2011

to elaborate

Yesterday, I posted this picture, while talking about how stymied I felt. I think I was going for a sense of reach and didn't quite make it, the branches reaching toward the sky.

A more accurate portrayal of my state of mind would have been to zoom in and depict the tangle of branches crisscrossing, high contrast of shadow and light of winter midday sun - to show the ideas and what thoughts are transpiring regarding what to do with weaving parts of the story together better. Um, rather like that sentence. I really like the way that one little branch in the bottom right quadrant is flinging itself our way from the big branch.

I had another thought while looking at pictures I took from the dunes boardwalk in Duck, NC on my walk toward the Currituck Sound.

See how that foreground tree is kind of leaning toward that little grove of sister trees in the distance? I like her.  She's a nerd.  She's inquiring. she wants to overhear what they're talking about. And that's kind of like my brain trying to listen through the nonsense to what my manuscript is trying to tell me.  It's just out of reach.

But I'll get there, soon. 


  1. It is so pretty where you live. I am jealous.

  2. thanks! alas, this is from the writing retreat, off the coast of nc, about 2 hours south of me.


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