Thursday, January 27, 2011

toots's fabulosity

This morning I met with Toots's preschool teachers and Honey for her first Parent Teacher Conference. Thankfully Honey's work is pretty close to preschool, so he could bop over to the meeting and back to work easily. It's his first PTC.

We knew she was fun, smart and imaginative already, but it was nice to have official confirmation.

To quote from her teachers' notes: a delight to have in class. She has strong communication skills. She is very smart and extremely imaginative, especially during free play.

...also interacts well with her peers. She plays well with others, including others in her play. She is always willing to help others.

Of course, she is not perfect, and that is good to hear, too.

...does need to work on following directions, especially during circle time and clean-up time. She also has problems sitting still.

Thank you for sharing her with us.

They also said that her imaginary play has a logic to it.  She's not wildly imaginative, there's always a story to it.  The other day, she was in the play car on the playground. She was going to the store, but hadn't decided yet what she was going to buy when they asked. Then the car got stuck in traffic, and then she accidently drove into the river and had to escape from it before she drowned, completely acted out with swimming across the playground sand to safety.

I've got a neat kid. Three of them, in fact. This big imagination stuff with logical storylines must be genetic.

And she's not even three yet. :)  That's my girl!

Toots in the day after christmas snowstorm in VA


  1. I'd love to get her and John together. They'd have so much fun!

  2. i would, too! i think you and i would have fun, too...maybe even our tech-headed hubbies, too!

  3. She sounds like a great kid. I especially liked the sentence "Thank you for sharing her with us". That says it all.


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