Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Update

First an aside:  I have been visited from Tasmania.  That is so cool. 

Second, another aside.  Yesterday was Pi Day, but it will be more accurate in 2015.  The government declared it to be so eventhough 3.14 isn't The Real Pi Day.  Of course, this means only that I wanted to eat pie all day.  And now I have more days to consider pie.

Thirdly, once again, I am very proud of my children.  Mr. Cynic and Captain Comic brought home interim report cards sporting all As and one B per kid.  To celebrate, on Saturday, which was beautiful, we went to DQ and ate ice cream cones outside, the sun roasting my back, our voices echoing under the fiberglass umbrella.  They got one of our order wrong, so Captain Comic ate Two.  "Jackpot!"  While we were there, he also shouted, "Hey! That's B----!" as a father and son got out of their pickup truck.  A boy from his class.  It was a good day for ice cream.  Then it stormed a lot on Saturday night, as it had on Friday night.

Fourthly, last week was Scholastic Book Fair week at Captain Comic's school.  He picked up Nerds and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  While his grandparents and cousin visited, he finished both.  So they didn't see a whole lot of him, but he read!  Fiction! Not Encyclopedias or Godzilla or Calvin and Hobbes!

Fifthly, on Sunday, daffodils.  Life is good.  Check your mirrors.

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